Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello~~ Today I would like to welcome Sheryl Hastings and her adorable little Yorkie Bubba who were one of the winners of my giveaway.  

Sheryl opened her Etsy Shop in April, 2011.  Please tell us about your shop:

I got into graphic design in 2001 when I went to work for a printing business. Right now I'm doing mostly scrap booking graphics but I'm in the process of building my zazzle shops. I'm still in the early stages of those. I've been selling my images on items at Cafe Press for a quite a few years and have done fairly well without much effort, so I figure it's time to start getting a bit more serious and see where I can take it. My passion though is in drawing the graphics themselves. It amazes me to start with a circle and manipulate it and add other shapes and colors and textures until I get something that resembles something recognizable.


Bubba looks like a real sweetie.  I understand that you both had a really rough winter, please tell us about what happened:

He's one sweet little dog. Unfortunately he has some health problems and we are so lucky to have here since we almost lost him in January. About six months after having bladder stones removed he had problems again. This time there were lots of little stones and they worked their way into his urethra and he became blocked. After walking the floors all night with him and watching him suffer, I took him to work with me. Fortunately I work for a veterinarian. I put the carrier on Doc's table and said, "You have to do something! You have to perform a miracle or you have to put him down. Now!" I was crying hysterically. Doc rearranged his entire surgical schedule so he could get help Bubba. Fortunately we had a bunch of spays and neuters which are not life threatening and could wait if needed. Good thing because the damage from the stones was so bad, the urine had already started leaking into his little body which could kill him.

When I brought Bubba back for his recheck I asked Doc, "I know that your incision will heal well, but what about the damage from the stones?" He said that he wasn't sure because he's never had one live with that much damage and necrotic tissue. He then said that the little guy is as tough as they get.

So thank  you so much for these sweaters. I couldn't even imagine an Indiana winter with Bubba not wearing one. He likes to keep warm and loves his sweaters.

Thanks so much for the photos and for sharing your amazing story with us.  Please visit Sheryl's Etsy shop and her very creative and fun blog;


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frugal Shoppers Snap Up Summer Sales On-Line

                          FRUGAL - living without waste; thrifty

Smart, thrifty shoppers who love a bargain and want to save, not only on gas but the hassle of traffic, are taking advantage of Summer Sales Events on-line. 

Etsy is a treasure trove of Summer Sales.  Unique handmade items are the most thoughtful and lasting gifts, and there are so many talented craftspeople here with one-of-a-kind original designs. 

I invite my fellow Etsy Shop owners to post their Summer Sales here in the comments section and I look forward to visiting your shops and doing my holiday shopping in July!!

I also invite you to visit my shop Jenya2 Hand knit fashions for women and their pets at 

I am offering BONUS BOXES~~~Each include two lovely hand knit one of a kind original design dog sweaters or vests for the price of one!!  Take advantage of this pre-holiday offer while supplies last.   Thanks~~~

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                          Now available at


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Supermodels Giupetto & Gianna Modeling Jenya2 Fashions

Supermodels Giupetto & Gianna modeling Jenya2 Original Design Fashions

Diana's love for her two Mi-Ki puppies were her inspiration to open her two (now very successful) shops on Etsy. and
One of my personal favorites is this "French Berret" Ooh La La

We got Giupetto in 2004, at 8 weeks old. We always had big dogs growing up, so this is my very first toy breed. He is a Mi-Ki (pronounced Me - key), and is just the perfect little guy. He was born in Wisconsin, and he is so so smart. He picked up on tricks right away, hardly barked and was so well behaved we decided to get another one. So 6 months later we got Gianna. She is also a Mi-Ki and was born in Idaho. Well, let the fun begin. They get along great and they play games just like kids. They play tag and hide and seek. Gianna even has a safety zone under the bar stool. Apparently it is understood between them, that when she goes there, she is off limits. LOL
They make me laugh out loud at least once a day. What more could you ask for?

Gianna is almost the opposite of Giupetto. She is not interested in doing any tricks, and she likes to bark, and was much harder to house train.
Now Giupetto has become a bit of a barker too.

Of course I was excited about the fact that with little dogs, you could dress them! A totally new concept to me. But the store-bought sweaters were always too snug and uncomfortable and the jackets either too big or too small, so the first DianaDesignsNY sweaters were born. Then others wanted sweaters for their dogs...

I started selling ready mades at their groomers, and then on ebay. In 2008 I started my etsy shop, and never looked back. I love it on etsy. Love the customers I meet online, love sharing stories and pictures of thier dogs (and cats and rabbits). Then I joined an etsy team PetsJubilee, and I have to say my life has never been the same. I love the captain and ALL of the members. We all get along so great, and I love all the stories and blogs and memories we share. They are my other family.

I started with sweaters and costumes. Then added what I call a skirt-ter, which started my love for fabric - and then came dresses, harness vests, and bandannas.

In 2009 I opened another shop called Originally this was to sell my inventory of premades, but then turned more towards making dog and cat toys, sun visors and stocking hats.

I still call this a hobby. There is no way I could ever call it work, I enjoy it too much.

Thank you so much, Diana, for sharing your story and photos of your beautiful Giupetto & Gianna.                  

Monday, June 20, 2011



Diana from DianaDesignsNY and StylinDogsBoutique and her two beautiful Mi-Ki's Giupetto and Gianna


Sheryl from SherHastings Designs and her adorable Yorkie Bubba

*****Please convo me with your address and your prizes will be on their way. 

Check back soon for photos of Giupetto, Gianna and Bubba in their new Jenya2 Handknit Fashions and some delightful stories about Diana's and Sheryl's Etsy shops!!

A big Thank You goes out to everyone who entered this giveaway. 


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hello and welcome to my second Jenya2 Hand knit Dog Sweater Giveaway.  This one has 2 winners and a choice of 4 sweaters in various sizes, and it will run until June 20th:

To enter:

1) Leave a comment with your choice of sweater #1, #2, #3 or #4.
2) In addition to winning a sweater, I will post photos of your pet wearing the
     Jenya2 sweater plus a story about your pet, and will feature your Etsy Shop
     on my blog.
 **Please tell me in your comments if you are interested in sending a photo 
    of your pet and if you are interested in having your Etsy Shop featured on
    my blog.

Here are the prizes:

#1 XXSmall -Chest 10" ~~ Length 9"

#2 Small - Chest 12"-14" ~~ Length 10"

#3 Medium ~~ Chest 14"-16" - Length 12.5"

#4 Medium ~~ Chest 14"-16" - Length 12"


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dog Sweater Vests - K9 Fashion Update

                  New Spring Dog Sweater Vests at