Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Supermodels Giupetto & Gianna Modeling Jenya2 Fashions

Supermodels Giupetto & Gianna modeling Jenya2 Original Design Fashions

Diana's love for her two Mi-Ki puppies were her inspiration to open her two (now very successful) shops on Etsy.  DianaDesignsNY.etsy.com and StylinDogsBoutique.etsy.com.
One of my personal favorites is this "French Berret" Ooh La La

We got Giupetto in 2004, at 8 weeks old. We always had big dogs growing up, so this is my very first toy breed. He is a Mi-Ki (pronounced Me - key), and is just the perfect little guy. He was born in Wisconsin, and he is so so smart. He picked up on tricks right away, hardly barked and was so well behaved we decided to get another one. So 6 months later we got Gianna. She is also a Mi-Ki and was born in Idaho. Well, let the fun begin. They get along great and they play games just like kids. They play tag and hide and seek. Gianna even has a safety zone under the bar stool. Apparently it is understood between them, that when she goes there, she is off limits. LOL
They make me laugh out loud at least once a day. What more could you ask for?

Gianna is almost the opposite of Giupetto. She is not interested in doing any tricks, and she likes to bark, and was much harder to house train.
Now Giupetto has become a bit of a barker too.

Of course I was excited about the fact that with little dogs, you could dress them! A totally new concept to me. But the store-bought sweaters were always too snug and uncomfortable and the jackets either too big or too small, so the first DianaDesignsNY sweaters were born. Then others wanted sweaters for their dogs...

I started selling ready mades at their groomers, and then on ebay. In 2008 I started my etsy shop, and never looked back. I love it on etsy. Love the customers I meet online, love sharing stories and pictures of thier dogs (and cats and rabbits). Then I joined an etsy team PetsJubilee, and I have to say my life has never been the same. I love the captain and ALL of the members. We all get along so great, and I love all the stories and blogs and memories we share. They are my other family.

I started with sweaters and costumes. Then added what I call a skirt-ter, which started my love for fabric - and then came dresses, harness vests, and bandannas.

In 2009 I opened another shop called StylinDogsBoutique.etsy.com. Originally this was to sell my inventory of premades, but then turned more towards making dog and cat toys, sun visors and stocking hats.

I still call this a hobby. There is no way I could ever call it work, I enjoy it too much.

Thank you so much, Diana, for sharing your story and photos of your beautiful Giupetto & Gianna.                  


  1. oh my goodness!! so cute! love it!!!!

  2. What a wonderful post! Gianna and Giupetto look adorable! Those sweaters are fantastic. I loved finding out more about Diana and her shops.

  3. what models! giupetto is so handsome & gianna is showing off her "good" side. they graciously (or is it begrudgingly) let the sweaters be the stars!
    terrific stories & attire for all!

  4. oh my goodness those dogs are so cute!!!

  5. oh my... the dogs are cute! and your creations are neat!


  6. Wonderful! What sweet models for your sweaters! And I loved reading about Diana.

  7. What a great story! I don't think I knew all that. The pictures of course are just too precious!!! The sweaters are beautiful, Jenya, and the models are superb :)

  8. What an excellent story! Both the sweaters and furbabies are so great and look beautiful together. Loved reading about Diana and seeing Jenya's gorgeous sweaters modeled by the two seasoned superstars :)

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    <3 Studio Elven 11

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