Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello~~ Today I would like to welcome Sheryl Hastings and her adorable little Yorkie Bubba who were one of the winners of my giveaway.  

Sheryl opened her Etsy Shop in April, 2011.  Please tell us about your shop:

I got into graphic design in 2001 when I went to work for a printing business. Right now I'm doing mostly scrap booking graphics but I'm in the process of building my zazzle shops. I'm still in the early stages of those. I've been selling my images on items at Cafe Press for a quite a few years and have done fairly well without much effort, so I figure it's time to start getting a bit more serious and see where I can take it. My passion though is in drawing the graphics themselves. It amazes me to start with a circle and manipulate it and add other shapes and colors and textures until I get something that resembles something recognizable.


Bubba looks like a real sweetie.  I understand that you both had a really rough winter, please tell us about what happened:

He's one sweet little dog. Unfortunately he has some health problems and we are so lucky to have here since we almost lost him in January. About six months after having bladder stones removed he had problems again. This time there were lots of little stones and they worked their way into his urethra and he became blocked. After walking the floors all night with him and watching him suffer, I took him to work with me. Fortunately I work for a veterinarian. I put the carrier on Doc's table and said, "You have to do something! You have to perform a miracle or you have to put him down. Now!" I was crying hysterically. Doc rearranged his entire surgical schedule so he could get help Bubba. Fortunately we had a bunch of spays and neuters which are not life threatening and could wait if needed. Good thing because the damage from the stones was so bad, the urine had already started leaking into his little body which could kill him.

When I brought Bubba back for his recheck I asked Doc, "I know that your incision will heal well, but what about the damage from the stones?" He said that he wasn't sure because he's never had one live with that much damage and necrotic tissue. He then said that the little guy is as tough as they get.

So thank  you so much for these sweaters. I couldn't even imagine an Indiana winter with Bubba not wearing one. He likes to keep warm and loves his sweaters.

Thanks so much for the photos and for sharing your amazing story with us.  Please visit Sheryl's Etsy shop and her very creative and fun blog;



  1. What a cutie :) And a little champ!


  2. I'm sorry. I am in tears from your story. He IS one tough little guy, and he is most deserving to win those sweaters. And he certainly does look cute in them. I esp love that blue and brown one.
    Diana, Giupetto and Gianna

  3. adorable! the sweaters look great on him. Best of luck to Bubba and his human! :-)

  4. Such a tough guy and I am so glad he made it through all that. He is cute in the sweater, too.

  5. Talk about a blessing! How wonderful that Sheryl worked for a vet. He is a miracle mutt! Thank you for sharing!

  6. He sure is a tough guy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. A little fighter :-)

    He looks fantastic in the yellow sweater!